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Exhaust System Repairs and Service

Today’s exhaust systems are not simply made up of mild steel mufflers and pipe work.
The modern exhaust system incorporates manifolds, turbo chargers, electronic sensors, catalytic convertors, large amounts of stainless steel, flex pipes and vibration dampeners. Many late diesel exhausts also use diesel particulate filters which are very sensitive to over fuelling and incorrect oil specification and when damaged, are extremely expensive to replace.

Exhaust systems are prone to cracking which allows the exhaust to leak externally and also draw fresh air in. Both conditions can give the oxygen sensor a false reading. The oxygen sensor's role is critical in respect to the correct fuel delivery to the engine. A small crack in an exhaust system can cause a fuel injected engine to use excessive fuel, melt catalytic convertors and burn engine valves and gaskets.

Exhaust leaks are not always audible. Some can be noisy when cold and disappear when hot, some are a light flutter and some can sound like a trumpet. If your car is noisy why not have Jose Street Auto Centre give you accurate advice as we know exhaust systems and offer the right advice and sensible solutions.

In conclusion it is best to have your exhaust system regularly monitored through general servicing at Jose Street Auto Centre.
We will always try to keep an exhaust as standard as possible to prevent excessive emission and noise

Blocked exhaust systems are a common fault, mostly caused by over fuelling problems in the engine. A blocked exhaust will give you the impression that your engine has a serious mechanical fault.


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